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FNI(A) – Film Networking Industry (Australia) wishes you a Very Merry Xmas and a safe, and Happy New Year in 2013.

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FNI(A) supported the MIX 106.3 ‘Special Children’s Xmas Wish Party’ again in 2012 in conjunction with Wildlife Carers Group and gave a small donation towards it.  Since there are already a large number of photos attached to this news/report, I haven’t added any pictures of the donations made by us.

I have been very busy in 2012 attending courses to refresh myself in filmmaking, documentary, shorts, features, distributing, producing, directing, editing, special effects animation, script/screen writing, being a Juror, Judging, Voting, obviously watching the films/screening first, attending awards, etc meeting their deadlines, the Opera and reporting on them etc. most of which that can be found on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nora.preston1,  and Twitter:  http://twitter.com/fni_a where emails have not been sent out.


I was a Juror of the ATOM Awards 2012 and was invited to attend the ATOM Awards held on 21/11/12.

All photos by NORA PRESTON.

The Awards venue was a full house with no standing room left either that was held in South Yarra in Melbourne.

The trophies were amazing as shown in the next 3 photos below.

The ATOM Awards 2012 was hosted by a very entertaining Brian Nankervis pictured below.

Best Short Fiction winner was ‘The Last Race’ Director Jeremy Cumpston pictured below.

We had a break with some entertainment after these awards were accepted pictured below.

After the break the Best Indigenous Resource award was given for ‘Langauge of Belonging’ Director Anna Kamasz pictured below.

The Best Factual Television Series award went to ‘Once Upon A Time in Cabramatta’ Director Bernadine Lim, accepted by Jacob Hickey, Commissioning Editor from SBS as pictured below.

Best Secondary Education Resource award was given to ‘Tagged’ Director Christopher Benz.

The Best Tertiary Documentary award went to ‘Multiple’ Director Rachel Cervonaro

We had another break with more entertainment.

Best Children’s Factual Television Program award went to ‘Scope’ accepted by Veronica pictured below.

Best Children’s Fiction Television Program was awarded to ‘My Place (Series 2)’ Director Michael James Rowland, Catriona McKenzie, Samantha Lang and Rachel Ward

The Best Documentary Short Form (30 minutes or less) was awarded to ‘Ochre and Ink’ Director James Bradley.

More entertainment and break.

Best Docudrama (Dramatised Documentary) was awarded to ‘Coniston’, Director Francis Jupurrurla Kelly and David Batty accepted by David Batty.

Best Documentary Arts winner ‘The Curse of the Gothic Symphony’ Director Randall Wood.

Best Documentary History, Social and Political Issues awarded to ‘Go Back To Where You Came From’ (Series 1)

Best Documentary General awarded to ‘The Tall Man’ ‘Director Tony Krawitz. Other nominations were ‘The Grammar of Happiness, ‘Trafficked-The Reckoning’ and ‘Storm Surfers 3D’.

ATOM Awards then finished.

Other winners can be viewed on this link: http://atomawards.org/tertiary-industry/ .


The Movie Network Channels will cease broadcasting on December 31st 2012. Since the year 2000, Movie Network Channels have been delivering Australia a premium television movie service. We started small, but over the years, we have grown, offering more channels, and more movie choice, for the entire family. We listened to you and developed fresh ideas for new channels. And all the while, continued to deliver you the biggest Hollywood hits from our studio partners, week after week. We’ve been the risk takers of TV – Backing and investing in new talent all the way.

We were the first to bring you some of the biggest live events direct to your lounge room – From the Academy Awards to an Aussie favourite – Movie Extra Tropfest. For 12 years, you’ve invited us into your homes, and we’ve been proud to bring you the entertainment that you love. Without you, none of this could have been possible…

From all of us at Movie Network Channels… Thanks for the ride! We’ve loved every minute of it!

Please direct all enquiries about movies on your Foxtel service to Foxtel directly, 131 787.


Pre-registration Deadline: 12.31.2012 – Get 10% off one or more entries w/promo code “FinalDraft”

With more writer success stories in the past two years than any other company, Script Pipeline sets its sights on discovering up-and-coming creative talent and connecting them with top production companies, agencies, and managers.

Most recently, the contest-winning script Killing Season, starring Robert De Niro, will be released in 2013. Winner Evan Daugherty’s spec Snow White and the Huntsman sold to Universal for $3 million and become a summer 2012 box office hit. Script Pipeline partner Jake Wagner (Benderspink) signed 2010 winner Tripper Clancy, hired as a comedy writer by 20th Century Fox, and 2012 contest winner Jason Kaleko.

Script Pipeline 2013 judges include:

JC Spink – The Hangover, A History of Violence

Tripp Vinson – Journey to the Center of the Earth, Red Dawn

Jake Wagner – Benderspink
Michael McKay – Lakeshore Entertainment
David Boxerbaum – Paradigm
Sean McKittrick – Donnie Darko
Michael Ohoven – Capote
Kevin Turen – Infinity
Irene Yeung – Vertigo Entertainment
Aaron Hart – Verve
Christina Frieberg – Mosaic Media

2013 TV Writing Competition
Pre-registration Deadline: 12.31.2012
Get 10% off one or more entries w/promo code “FinalDraft”

Now in its 6th year, the Script Pipeline TV Writing Competition is searching for the best in TV material. Accepted entries include reality or idea proposals, spec scripts for existing shows, and original pilots. Former winners have sold their pilots to major networks and found representation with Script Pipeline industry contacts.

2012 Great Movie Idea Competition
Final Deadline (WAB only): 12.31.2012


The old adage, “there are no rules in Hollywood” applies here. But one thing is certain: pitching great ideas to executives is how films get made. The contest gives its winners the best industry exposure possible, and Script Pipeline is proud to have A-level production companies and agencies reviewing our winners, including Benderspink, Vinson Films, and Paradigm. Any subject matter or genre accepted.

2012 Great TV Show Idea Competition
Final Deadline (WAB only): 12.31.2012

Connect with top television executives searching for series concepts–any genre or TV format, cable or network, accepted. Extraordinary TV premises are a rarity, so all entrants are encouraged to think way outside the box, taking marketability, current trends, and the ingredients of long-running series into consideration. Come up with the next Lost, and you’re on the right track.

2012 Student Screenwriting Competition
Final Deadline (WAB only): 12.31.2012

Open to qualified entrants currently enrolled in a university or certified film school. Students may submit a feature-length script in ANY genre or budget range. Non-film majors and graduate students are welcome to enter as well.

‘The Hobbit’ – animal cruelty and deaths during the making of this film.

“….A horse named Shanghai that was hobbled (his legs were tied together so that he couldn’t move) and left on the ground for three hours because he was too energetic for his rider.

Afterward, in order to hide his rope burns for filming, his legs were covered with makeup and hair. Hobbling is an outright violation of the American Humane Association’s (AHA) guidelines.

One horse was killed and another horse was injured after being placed with two highly strung geldings, despite concerns that the geldings would be too aggressive.

Another horse was killed after falling off an embankment in a severely crowded paddock.

When the horses were moved to the stables, another horse died after being fed large amounts of food that he wasn’t used to. The horse had shown signs of colic, an extremely painful illness.

When the horses were moved back to the paddocks after this incident, another horse had the skin and muscles of her leg torn away by wire fencing.

Several goats and sheep died from worm infestations and from falling into the sink holes that covered the farm.

Numerous chickens were mauled and killed by unsupervised dogs or trampled by other animals when left unprotected

Using CGI in films can prevent any animals from being harmed or even the necessity to be used at all and is more cost effective, since you don’t have to worry about housing and feeding the animals and providing a vet for proper care…..”

I wrote the letter to wingnutfilms as seen above and below in italics, reception@wingnutfilms.co.nz .

I would like to suggest that you write to this email address as well, and boycott this film to send out a strong message that this type of behaviour and treatment towards animals during filmmaking is inappropriate and not acceptable.

“…My Submission for the Film Animal Welfare Code of Practice in November 2008 is below:

3. General Provisions, para 3 – amend – except where filming is for scientific, educational or news purposes – any evidence of animal cruelty during filming, will be used in a court of law to prosecute all forms of animal cruelty.

You cannot allow any exceptions for animal cruelty. This is your downfall in your animal welfare act, and you will also have to amend that.

para 7, “Where animals are required to be depicted as dead,….” amended to, “use only computer graphics and/or animation to simulate the required result”.

Unnecessarily using sedatives and anaesthetics on animals for filmmaking is not appropriate, or acceptable.

These drugs cause liver, kidney/organ damage, etc, on the animals, therefore, these drugs should only be used when necessary for health reasons on the animals.

Para 8, amend – report to an authorised animal welfare agency such as Wildlife Carers Group.

4.1 – include – use computer graphics and/or animation to simulate the required result.

4.2 – amend – use computer graphics and/or animation to simulate the required result.

4.3 – amend – use computer graphics and/or animation to simulate the required result.

4.4 para 1, amend – glare, heat, noises or other conditions that are likely to cause distress to animals and wildlife must be avoided at all times, and added during the post production/editing process.

para 3 – amend – human verbal or physical violence will be added in post production.

para 4 – amend – you are referring to a ‘closed set’ here.

6. – amend/inclusion – where using wildlife, wildlife must be correctly identified, in order to provide the correct housing and diet.

7. para 1 – amend – A veterinary surgeon present on the set should administer any substance, including electrolytes and vitamins, to an animal, only when necessary for the purpose of health issues.

delete – para 2, 3 and 4 – AMEND TO – no sedatives or anaesthetics to be used for filming purposes, other than for health reasons.

Computer graphics and/or animation to be used to simulate the desired effects/results.

9. para 5 – amend/include – ‘Producers may need to consult with other experts as required. For example, Wildlife Carers Group for native wildlife experts.’

para 15 – amend/include – ‘The producer should ensure that all employees, including actors, likely to have direct contact with animals, are inoculated with a tetanus shot, scrub their hands between the handling of each animal, and have an appropriate……’

10. para 6 – include – point/dot form – correctly identify any wildlife species used to provide the correct housing and diet.

NORA PRESTON – Filmmaker since 2001

Mob: 0407 601 662

web: https://fnia.wordpress.com/2012/09/06/film-networking-industry-australia-fnia-film-news-job-5912/; http://fnia.awardspace.com

25 November 2008……”


TO THE FIRST person to REPLY in order To win an FNI(A)-FILM NETWORKING INDUSTRY (AUSTRALIA) T-shirt, please name the company responsible for committing acts of animal cruelty during the making of the film ‘THE HOBBIT’.




November, 2012

The St Kilda Film Festival is now calling for entries to its coveted film competitions for 2013 including AUSTRALIA’S TOP 100 SHORT FILM COMPETITON, the SoundKILDA Music Video Competition and the Under the Radar film competition for filmmakers under 21.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2013, the St Kilda Film Festival, proudly presented and produced by the City of Port Phillip, will screen the Top 100 short film entries received with a prize pool that totals $40,000 worth of cash and in-kind craft awards.

To enter simply click here and follow the instructions.

Good news, Troppers! Entries have re-opened for Movie Extra Tropfest 2013!

We have been working like crazy to get our new entry system up and running and we are really happy with the end result.

Thanks to Brightcove’s flexible video platform, your film can now be uploaded in a number of HD formats (AVI, MOV or MP4) with a maximum file size of 800 MB.

We’ve got an inkling that this is going to be the biggest Tropfest yet, so get cracking! Remember – anyone can enter, and anyone can win!

Click here to get all the details on how to enter.
Entries will close at 6pm sharp on January 3, 2013.


Great opportunity for young media workers!

SIGNAL is currently looking for some great new support staff.

These are casual positions working with the core SIGNAL team to support artists and the general operation of the venue.

We are looking for people who are:

Experienced in working with young people in an artistic environment

Experienced in community development

Able to possess an artistic skill(s) but not limited to, in the area of the performing arts, visual arts, multimedia, literature etc.

Competent in video and sound editing softwares

Competent in handling theatre lighting and sound equipment
The full position description and application process can be found on Arts Hub or

Digital Media Month in Dec/Jan at COLOUR BOX artists studio, Footscray

So many possibilities to be explored!!! Film, Animation, Design, Web, Photography, Video Art, Installation … etc etc.

Contacts below:
Visit/Mail: 236 Nicholson St, Footscray VIC 3011
Phone: 0434 957 313
Tweet: http://twitter.com/ColourBoxCrew

Email: colourboxcrew@gmail.com


FNI(A) – Film Networking Industry (Australia) wishes you a Very Merry Xmas and a safe, and Happy Year in 2013.

If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me on MOBILE +61 407 601 662, or email fni_a@yahoo.com.au

NORA PRESTON – Filmmaker since 2001
Founding President


PO Box 3509

Mob: +61 407 601 662

email: fni_a@yahoo.com.au

web: http://fnia.awardspace.com  (NOT UPDATED for updates see wordpress link below)

; http://fnia.flixster.com
; http://www.flixster.com/user/fnia

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21 December 2012

Support FNI(A). FNI(A) is an independent, non profit, non government community based charity, run solely by volunteers, with no government funding, saving taxpayers money.

FNI(A) relies heavily on donations from the public in order to carry out its work. If you would like to make a donation to FNI(A), please send a cheque/money order made payable to Film Networking Industry (Australia) Inc. to PO Box 3509, Weston Creek. ACT. 2611. AUSTRALIA . or contact us by email fni_a@yahoo.com.au or mobile: 0407 601 662 to discuss other alternatives. Thank you for all your support.

Aims and Objectives: to promote and unite the film and music industry; to promote film production and development; improved access to equipment; and annual recognition of achievements in Australian and International Film and Music through FNI(A) Achievement Awards.

Support FNI(A). BECOME AN FNI(A) MEMBER, VOLUNTEER, DOWNLOAD M/SHIP FORM FROM FNI(A) WEBSITE http://fnia.awardspace.com and send to form with payment by cheque or money order made payable to Film Networking Industry (Australia), and send to PO Box 3509 , WESTON CREEK ACT 2611, AUSTRALIA, or contact us to make alternative arrangements . Mob: 0407 601 662. Email: fni_a@yahoo.com..au Websites: http://fnia.awardspace.com ; http://www.myspace.com/fni_a ; http://fnia.flixster.com ; http://www.flixster..com/user/fnia

Disclaimer: FNI(A) and the author do not assume or accept any responsibility and shall not be liable for the accuracy or appropriate application of the information contained in this letter/email.


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